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BestPrice DEWALT D55580 20 Amp/10 Amp 2 Horsepower 8-Gallon Wheeled Oiled Twin Pontoon Compressor with Dual

DEWALT D55580 20 Amp/10 Amp 2 Horsepower 8-Gallon Wheeled Oiled Twin Pontoon Compressor with Dual Voltage and Dual Control Product Description
The DeWalt D55580 Heavy Duty 2 HP 8 Gallon Electric Wheeled Portable Compressor with Dual Voltage and Dual Control provides 8.4 CFM delivered at 100 psi for quick recovery. With a low-profile design and a built-in fully-pneumatic tire to improve work site mobility, this compressor also comes with a twin cylinder, cast iron, and oil lubricated pump with Emglo's 50 years of proven durability and reliability. Other compressor features include a dual control feature that allows start/stop or constant run operation, and a dual voltage feature that allows easy switching from 120- to 240-volt operation. Backed by a manufacturer's 1-year warranty, this compressor comes with DeWalt synthetic compressor oil and a 3/8-inch NPT pressure regulator.

  • 2 HP motor for increased performance
  • Fully-pneumatic tire to improve work site mobility
  • Twin cylinder, cast iron, and oil lubricated pump
  • Dual voltage feature for easy switching from 120- to 240-volt operation; measures 18-1/4 x 23-1/2 x 43 inches and weighs 175 pounds
  • This compressor includes: DeWalt synthetic compressor oil and 3/8-inch NPT pressure regulator; backed by a manufacturer's 1-year warranty

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Great power, small space, quiet
I bought this for my woodworking shop. It has more than enough capacity for my present needs (brad nailers, primarily), but should be adequate if I get into spray finishes. I also like the fact that it is quiet!

A good job site compressor
This is a solid, quiet, reliable job site compressor that would also work well in a home shop. I mainly remodel older homes, but also do some new construction too, and I've used this compressor daily for about half a year. My compressor is actually about 4 years old since I bought it used with a welded cage attached to it (see the photos I've uploaded under customer photos).

I've only used it on a 110V circuit, and it works quite fine when plugged into a 20A line such as that you'd find in a kitchen or bathroom. It also runs fine on a 15A circuit, but if too many other devices are on the circuit, it might trip the breaker.

This is a heavy compressor, so I only drag it to jobs where I'll be setting up for a while. For smaller jobs, I use a wheeled Porter Cable Job Boss unit that makes a ton of noise and seems to run all the time. It is no comparison to this larger Dewalt / Emglo, except that it's more portable.

I like that by turning a screw you can modify the pressure cut in / out switch so that the compressor will turn on when the tank pressure drops to 135 psi and cut off around 155 psi. This means that my tools (most of which are rated to 120 psi) will always have access to their maximum pressure if I set the regulator to 120 psi. It has been an annoyance to me that many compressors on the market are set to kick on well below 120 psi, which can cause inconsistent nailing results.

This compressor can easily keep up with flooring staplers, framing nailers, and roofing nailers. When doing trim, it infrequently turns on because trim nailers are so small. I also use an angled die grinder to cope moldings, and the compressor can keep up with it; however, I only use the grinder intermittently. For full on grinding or sanding work, you'd be better served with a more powerful (perhaps a rotary screw type) compressor, or at the least, attach a larger tank to this one. For general construction, this is a great compressor, and it can easily serve everyone on the vast majority of jobs. I like having it because it's quiet and reliable, and my sub contractors like it because it means that they won't have to bother with dragging out their own compressors, which are often quite noisy and bothersome.

If you have access to a welder, I highly recommend making a cage for the compressor. It makes it even more useful by protecting the compressor and providing a table. For example, you can leave it in place during the drywall phase, and the drywall installers will use it as a platform to reach the ceiling if it's in their way. You can also use it to hold blueprints, gun oil, air hose splitters and manifolds, etc.

Dewalt compressor
I am very satisfied w/ the Dewalt compressor I recently obtained form It is exactly what I hoped it would be and I was very impressed w/ the delivery and promptness in which I recieved the product from


Berrett Banham

A total winner
This is without a doubt the best compressor I've ever used. The Dual Voltage and Dual controls are both features worth having and the quick recovery is exactly that. You won't have to sit around waiting.
It has been trouble free since I purchased.

Couldn't be better
This compressor is as strong as you need, it runs several guns at a time. I use to install wood flooring, wood framing, cabinet work and roofing work, for the short time that I have had it, it has performed flawlessly. The dual Voltage and the continuos run option is definately a plus, It draws hard on a 120 volt system but runs smooth on the 220 volt hookup. The recovery time is quick and you don't have to stand around and wait, like my old compressor. If production at an affordable price is what you are looking for, than look no further, you have found it.......

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